Specimen Lake Rules

The Specimen and Lake Rules are put in place to protect the well being of both fellow anglers and the surrounding wildlife. Please abide by the following rules to help us ensure the welfare of fish stocks, so you can continue enjoy fishing at Woodside Lakes. If you have an queries or concerns before or on the day then please do not hesitate to call Rich or email. Any question is always welcome. Thank you.

  • Microbarbed Hooks Only
  • NO leadcore
  • NO braid
  • NO nuts
  • NO Artificial Baits
  • ALL Mat’s should be a suitable size and well padded, ideally with sides or cradle
  • Fish should be kept wet on the fishing bank
  • All fish to be returned in a sling
  • YOU MUST have a carp care kit and please use on any damaged fish.
  • Fishing from pegs only
  • No Fires or BBQ’s
  • All litter to be taken home.
  • Respect other Anglers at all times
  • Any snagged fish ring: 07557130208
  • Anyone pulling for a break will be banned.

Match Lake

  • Barbless hooks only
  • Minimum 6lb line
  • No Fixed Leads or Feeders: If your line breaks the fish should only be left trailing a hook and line
  • No Nuts
  • No Artificial baits
  • If fishing for carp, you should have an unhooking matt
  • No small landing nets unless you have a larger one for bigger fish
  • No keep nets unless it is a permitted match
  • All litter to be taken home
  • Fishing from designated pegs only
  • No BBQ’s or fies
  • No dogs
  • Please respect other Fishermen and your surroundings
  • Kit maybe inspected and co operation is expected.
  • "We first surveyed Woodside lakes as the owner wanted to maximise the fisheries potential. The developing stocks look great and are growing well. This tidy and secure fishery will improve every year as the owners hard work pays off."

    Andrew Ellis - A E Fisheries

  • "What a great complex, so peaceful and beautiful with the lakes and carp to compliment the surroundings. The owner obviously knows what he is doing and has spent nearly a decade maturing this into the fishery it is today. "

    Jason Hewer

  • "Amazingly well stocked, and the quality of the fish are stunning. Some of the cleanest fish I have ever had the pleasure to bank. Full credit to the team. "

    Andy Tuck

  • "Amazing place, all the fish I had were in immaculate condition, mouths all perfect, cracking layout. Definitely worth it if you are looking for a bend in the rod. 10/10 from me."

    Ashley Yexley

  • "As good as it gets. Everything Spot on. Well laid out, well stocked peacfull location. Spend relaxing day fishing with a mate yesterday, caught fish all day, brilliant. We were both impressed and will be back. "

    Tony Morgan